Although Best Made Co. is getting ready to re-launch, some of the most iconic and sought-after items from their printed catalogs are no longer sold and may never be again. However, there are still opportunities to find used Best Made gear online. To ensure you're getting exactly what you're looking for, compare the item you're considering to its corresponding entry in The Products collection, whenever possible.

Finding used gear online

Catalog products are found frequently on these platforms—though the more iconic ones rarely stick around very long.

Best Made Co for sale | eBay

Best made co at Grailed | Designer & Streetwear

Best Made Co on Poshmark

Mercari: Your Marketplace

Search - Depop

Try using varied search terms such as:

Catalog era indicators

If you're trying to determine whether an item belongs to the catalog era, these are some helpful indicators to look out for:

Tag design

Catalog items tend to have a blue background with a red stripe, while post-catalog items tend to have a white background and red stripe.

Inclusion of “Designed in New York” and/or the “36 White Street New York” address on the tag or packaging is also an indicator of a catalog era item.